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Assistance to Startups and Venture Capital

The Firm offers assistance to Startups and Venture Capitalists, accompanying future entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their business, evaluating the feasibility of projects from all legal aspects and supporting them in the bureaucratic simplification of legal and accounting processes.

The Firm offers start-ups and SME´s a qualified consultancy and legal assistance service in the following areas:

business plan: legal feasibility analysis of the company's business model;

determination of the mechanisms, statutory and shareholders, with subsequent establishment of the corporate vehicle and the drafting of "customized" statutes and shareholders' agreements;

identification of the financial structure of the company and support for the choice of instruments and channels for raising risk capital, also by means of equity based crowdfunding;

negotiation and drafting of contracts for the company: employment and collaboration contracts, incentive plans for key-managers, including work for equity plans, letters of intent, confidentiality and confidentiality agreements (NDA), non-competition agreements , software development and licensing agreements and all agreements relating to the sale, distribution and supply.

definition of intellectual property protection systems: distinctive signs, software, design, inventions, operational processes, know-how;

drafting of privacy compliance and assessment programs, risk analysis and assessment.



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