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Banking Law

With reference to banking law and the law of the financial market, with particular reference to the regulation of banking contracts, investment services, collective asset management and listed companies, the Firm, over the years, has achieved expertise and experience such as to be considered as a point of reference for banking groups and investment companies.

In particular, the legal advice provided by the Firm concerns the different types of financial transactions that provide for the establishment of collateral or bank guarantees, autonomous guarantees, the issue of shares and bonds, the establishment, placement and distribution of 'investment.

Insurance Law

The Firm assists clients in contractual and extra-contractual civil liability disputes from illegal acts, including those of a professional nature, offering a service that is constantly in line with the most recent jurisprudential updates.

The assistance is mainly expressed in the protection of the rights of the customer who has suffered damage for medical liability of private and public health facilities (compensation from medical malpractice, damage due to delay in diagnosis, damage from diagnostic omission, damage from omitted or incomplete informed consent). Thanks to the consolidated expertise in the sector, numerous professionals working in the healthcare sector also turn to the Firm.

Assistance and advice are also provided for any problems related to any type of policy (life, damage to property, people and assets) and, in the area of litigation, also in the area of compensation for claims and injuries.

The professionals of the Firm assume the defence both in legal disputes and, in the pre-litigation phase, in the negotiation and mediation procedures, where the possibility of a settlement solution of the dispute arises, adapting the client's needs to the real possibilities for compensation.



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