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Commercial Law

Thanks to the skills and professional results achieved, even at an international level, the Firm has acquired a consolidated experience in the field of commercial Law and all its branches.

In fact, “Studio Cappello” Law & Tax Firm, thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals, has reached high levels of professionalism and competence in assisting its customers both in the definition of all types of commercial agreements, supply, distribution, franchising, and in the determination relations between shareholders, in the choice of administration and control systems and in the identification of corporate organizational structures.

The high know-how acquired allows the Firm, moreover, to offer its consultancy to corporations, individuals and cooperatives not only in carrying out operations of acquisitions, mergers, demergers, joint ventures and transfers of companies abroad but also in the '' to assist start-ups in finding a repeatable and scalable business model.

Company Law

Following the exclusive experience gained, the professionals of the Firm offer their specialized advice on all matters relating to the company and the relationship between it and its partners.

The Firm, in fact, assists corporate groups (MNE´s and SME´s) of international importance both in the management phase (constitution, transfer of shares and due diligence) and in the litigation phase (liability actions against directors and statutory auditors, appeal of shareholders' resolutions). The Firm, in particular, in the Italian panorama, is one of the leaders in proposing corporate solutions that prove to be strategically advantageous, even and above all in the medium - long term, thus obtaining results that for its clients also translate into economic gain.

Bankruptcy Law

In the event that the company finds itself in crisis, a specialized group of professionals of the Firm offers their skills by proposing quick, effective solutions aimed at saving the company itself. The consultancy is provided both in the preliminary phase of analysis of the economic and financial equity situation, and in that of identifying the tools aimed at resolving the corporate crisis, also in the management of relations with employees.

The firm, in fact, draws up recovery plans for the company aimed at overcoming the crisis, debt restructuring agreements, arrangements with creditors and bankruptcy.

The skills acquired over the years in the bankruptcy sector also allow the Firm to assist creditors in bankruptcy or insolvency procedures, receivers and liquidators by arranging all those typical actions required by bankruptcy law.



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