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Digital Currencies & Crypto - Fintech

The Firm has a specialized FinTech team to offer complete assistance to start-ups and emerging companies, national and international, for all legal and fiscal profiles of Digital Currencies & Crypto, offering the following services:

  • legal and tax support during the crowdfunding phase;

  • legal and fiscal opinion on the classification of tokens and cryptocurrencies, on the identification of legal, fiscal and fiscal regulations, national and European, also by means of an appeal to the competent authorities;

  • drafting of the necessary documents (including white papers, terms and conditions, privacy policy, cybersecurity and cookie information) and identification of the main precautionary due diligence relating to user identification;

  • legal, fiscal and tax support activities for exchange activities;

  • study, analysis, formulation and subsequent legal and fiscal support in the issue of FinTech licenses at national and international level.

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