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Civil and medical liability

A team of qualified professionals provides legal assistance and advice in civil matters, including issues relating to compensation for damage deriving from the non-fulfillment of obligations and contracts and / or unlawful acts, making use, where necessary, of the professionalism of trusted technical consultants to the correct assessment and / or quantification of the damage itself.

The assistance is expressed in the protection of the rights of the customer who has suffered damage for medical liability of private and public health facilities, also in light of the recent approval of the Decree Gelli on this point (compensation from so-called medical malpractice, damage from delay in diagnosis, damage from diagnostic omission, damage from omitted or incomplete informed consent).

Thanks to the consolidated expertise in the sector, numerous professionals working in the healthcare sector also turn to the Firm.

The firm also assists its clients in disputes relating to compensation for damage deriving from accidents or accidents at work, all problems related to the condominium institution as well as in the preparation of contracts and disputes concerning real rights (such as ownership, usufruct, use, housing, easement, pledge, mortgage).

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