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The Firm provides legal assistance both before the judicial authorities (including the higher courts) and in national and international arbitration (including the proceedings of the ICC - International Chamber of Commerce) as well as in alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation and assisted negotiation).

In particular, the Firm, making use of the specific skills of the professionals who make it up, provides legal assistance in the corporate and commercial fields, alongside top-level assistance also in the areas of civil and labor law .
The Firm has excellent experience in legal assistance (both judicial and extrajudicial) to leading corporate groups with both national and international importance and is the legal advisor of some public bodies , including some municipalities in the district and, for the three-year period 2012 - 2015 , has provided professional assistance to the Commissarial Management for the repayment plan of the previous debt of Roma Capitale.

The Firm carries out and has carried out its activity in national arbitration (positions of arbitrator appointed by the Arbitration Chamber of Milan, of lawyer of the parties, of operative secretary of relevant arbitrations in the field of public services) and has collaborated in important national and international arbitrations , also in association with other professionals. The Firm has gained specific and relevant professional competence in judicial procedures aimed at recovering large volumes of credit , a competence proven by the numerous assignments that, in this area, have been conferred on it and which it still carries out for important public bodies. and private.


The professionals of the Firm, in the light of their professional experience acquired both nationally and internationally , provide their experience free of charge at the service of non-profit associations as well as bodies and foundations with humanitarian and artistic purposes.
The firm is also a Law Firm specializing in Legal engineering and Blockchain  and combines the tradition of the legal profession with highly specialized skills in the field of new technologies.


The Firm has gained a consolidated experience in consulting and legal assistance to companies, start-ups and companies active in the public and private sectors on all legal profiles relating to the law of new technologies
The professionals of the Firm have a consolidated experience in internet law and new technologies , privacy , cybersecurity and data protection, e-commerce, web marketing , protection of intellectual property online.  


The Firm has also created an internal Blockchain Department aimed at researching and studying the legal profiles of the Blockchain , with the aim not only of offering high-profile professional advice to its clients, but also of understanding the effects of new technologies. on the rights of the individual, on the relevant legislation, on the new governance methods and on the evolution of humanity.

The firm offers a stable for years consulting to major active blockchain platforms in strategic sectors, has been the emerging business realities criptoattività support in the industry and has held many advisory services in IT contracts.
In particular, the Firm offers companies an exclusive and consolidated consultancy model on compliance reinterpreted in a technological key.  

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